libfive is developed on GitHub, and uses the standard workflow of issues and pull requests. The library includes an extensive set of unit tests, because robust solid modeling is hard.

For simplicity, Studio is kept in a subfolder of the same repo. It is written using Qt 5, modern OpenGL, and C++17.


The lineage of this project dates back to early experiments in CAD tools at MIT's Center for Bits and Atoms. The most well-known tool in this lineage is Antimony, with over a thousand stars on Github.

libfive is directly descended from Ao; the project was renamed (for uniqueness / searchability) and formally released in late 2017.

Previous discussions of Ao can be found on Hacker News ("really, really cool") and the guile-user mailing list ("That looks really awesome").


As libfive is an open-source project, support is handled on a best-effort basis; please direct your questions to the GitHub issues.

For commercial support or custom development, contact the lead author.